Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are essential to tie two gatherings. It is a contractual relationship between the customers and service providers. Our agency has made booking terms and conditions and kept it very simple for understanding. Before booking an excursion, you should peruse the agreements about the organization’s principles and worthy framework.

Our contract:

Your contract in respect of your vacation is created with Everest Hike Pvt.Ltd, which is registered in Everest Hike Pvt. Ltd. All of your bookings are subjected to these terms and conditions.

At the hour of booking, the Company booking structure should be finished and submitted along with a half deposit of the complete expense of the booking. Receipt of the deposit and booking structure by the companies does not assure the booking. No reserving will be affirmed until the Company gives a composed notice. The Companies maintain all authority to reject a booking without giving any explanation and return any deposit got. If the information does not match with the information on your passport and your booking might be refused. Hence, you are suggested to ensure the pieces of information match the news on your ticket.

Late booking:

Our agency also accepts last-minute bookings. Our companies do not take any extra charges for the last-minute booking. You have to follow the same procedures.

Price policy:

The Company does not take any unnecessary extra charges. The agency also quickly notifies you if there is any increment in the price before booking.

After a Confirmation Invoice has been given, except if you decide to cover your vacation at the hour of booking, the cost of your holiday is dependent upon the conceivable outcomes of overcharges in certain restricted conditions. In any case, an additional charge to take into account varieties in transportation cost, including the cost of fuel, expansion in ordinary distributed airfares, duties or expenses chargeable for administrations, for example, landing charges at air terminals, the conversion scale applied to the specific bundle or then again if the public authority or administrative body present an increment of assessments.

Alternatively, you might decide to cover your vacation at the hour of booking. If so then, your vacation cost will be fixed at the expense cited by the Companies at that point. To meet all requirements for this advantage, you should return the Confirmation Invoice to the Companies with full installment to arrive at the Companies within seven days of the date imprinted on the Confirmation Invoice.


The validity of the dates, itinerary, schedules and costs are valid to certain limits. Dates, schedule, and costs are substantial from August 2021 to ——-. After the date has been exceeded, it is not valid. The booked administrations are legitimate just on the dates shown in the receipt/affirmation.

For the most part, flight tickets are substantial just for transport on the carriers for which they were bought. Transferring of appointments to different airlines and changes in schedules or extra visits are, at this point, not allowed during the client’s excursion. Flight tickets should be utilized entirely in the booked order. Inability to use specific flight courses might cause problems where the client cannot enjoy the right track to going on reserved flights or in the aircraft re-invoicing the ticket cost. This might be higher than the cost of the initially reserved flight tickets.

Cancellation Policy:

By the travelers:

The cancellation of the booking should be informed by a letter or an email anytime. The cancellation of the booking will be confirmed when it is received in writing by us. While canceling, you might have to pay the cancellation fee depending on the time and reason for the cancellation. If you cancel the trip right after the booking, you might not have to pay the cancellation fee. The following is the list of charges you will be levied on the cancellation:

30 days or more = 50% of the Deposit

15 – 30 days = 100% of Deposit

8 – 15 days = 80% of Tour Cost

1 – 7 days = 100% of Tour Cost

By us:

We may cancel the entire trip 30 days before the departure. We may also cancel at the last minute in case of national emergencies like terrorism, natural calamities, or any other events that are not controllable. The Companies maintain whatever authority is needed to drop your vacation whenever before the date of takeoff. On the off chance that your holiday has fallen, the Companies will transfer your amount and get a full refund.

Age and medical requirement:

For our tours, the minimum age criterion is 12 years. There is also a guardian requirement for minors; under 18 years; they must have legal guardians responsible for their day’s care. Travelers over 18 years old do not need those legal guardians. The minimum age for overland adventures is 18. Whereas for the family trip, the minimum age would be six years old.

You are also required to inform us about your medical condition (if any) at the time of booking. We can give subtleties on compulsory well-being prerequisites. However, we are not clinical specialists. It would help if you guaranteed that you acquire legitimate and definite clinical counsel something like two months before the journey for your trip’s most recent well-being necessities and suggestions.

Our obligation:

We will try our level best to provide you with each requirement. However, the agency is not responsible for the death or injury of the traveler due to the inability to perform certain activities. If any individual from your gathering endures disease, injury, or demise through misfortune emerging out of a journey, which does not shape part of the occasion, the Company cannot acknowledge responsibility. The Companies will offer general help where appropriate.

Privacy policy:

Our agency uses your email and individual subtleties to handle your inquiries and working excursions. We do not sell or impart our subtleties to anybody. At some point, we may utilize the customers’ photographs and the recordings for our commercial, except if you notify us not to do as such. We generally keep individual security and strictly follow these.


If you have issues with certain things during your holiday, you are required to mention that to the travel agent or any one of our team members. If you cannot solve this problem, then you need to inform the companies.

Similarly, if there is a massive conflict between you and an unknown party, the companies are not responsible for resolving them. It goes straight to the Nepalese laws, and you will be punished or get justice accordingly.


The companies have tried their level best to sum up everything on this website. The companies have also put all their efforts into the accuracy of the information on this website. In case of minor omission on this website, the companies will not take responsibility.

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