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Kanchenjunga Trek Introduction

With an elevation of 8,586m covering the eastern part of Nepal, Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s third-highest mountain, soars and ascends its peak high, touching the sky. Kanchenjunga means crystal clear. It is situated in northeast Nepal and is bordered by Sikkim, India. The trekking route to Kanchenjunga Base Camp passes through the alluring Arun valley, which is without any doubt one of the most enchanting regions for trekking in Nepal.

One of the main highlights of this trek is when we pass the enthralling Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, which is home to diverse wildlife. Flora and fauna and various wildlife, including wild boar, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Musk deer, and many more, give life to this fantastic forest. The route to the base camp offers variation in landscape from alpine grasslands to a sub-tropical forest, glacier moraine, rocky scree slopes, and low river valleys.

Throughout the journey, trekkers get to relish the stunning panoramic view of soaring mountain peaks such as Everest (8848m), Lhotse (8516m), and Kanchenjunga (8586m), Makali (8481m), and many more. Communities of Sherpas inhabit the Kanchenjunga region; Rais, Limbus, and Gurungs provide a golden opportunity for trekkers to understand the culture, tradition, ethnicity, and lifestyle of the locals.

The steamy jungles bursting with life, Buddhist settlements with thatched houses, the glaciers of the alpine zone, the isolated villages inhabited by Sherpas of Tibetan Buddhist descent are some of the other highlights of the trek.

You will want to taste the warm traditional Tongba, a fermented drink made from millet Seed, which is perfect for the cold climate. The Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking is a long and challenging trek that requires a reasonable degree of fitness. This trek attracts those who want to enjoy the outdoors in relative solitude.

It is the most thrilling adventure with a wide range of climate, vegetation, culture, and landscape. We assure you that we facilitate excellent logistic preparation and a high level of professionalism and services during the trek. You will get to travel the many sides of a remote place.


Witness the wilderness of the enthralling Kanchenjunga Conservation Area.
Culturally rich Tibetan Buddhist people and their way of living.
Exceptional Musk deer, Himalayan black bear, etc
The alluring panorama of Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, and Mt.Makalu.
Great Caravans of yaks and sheep.
Hospitable village dwellers
Fascinating landscape, vegetation, and wildlife.
Traditional warm drink Tongba in a typical wooden pot.
Way of living of local people.

Outline Itinerary

  • DAY 1: Arrival in Kathmandu.
  • DAY 2: Preparation for trek and sightseeing.
  • DAY 3: Fly to Bhadrapur and drive to Taplejung.
  • DAY 4: Trek to Mitlung (921m)
  • DAY 5: Trek to Chirwa (1270m)
  • DAY 6: Trek to inciting Sekathum (1660m)
  • DAY 7: Trek to alluring Amjilossa (2510m)
  • DAY 8: Hike to Gyabla (2730m)
  • DAY 9: Trek to beautiful Ghunsa (3595m)
  • DAY 10: Acclimatization day at Ghunsa.
  • DAY 11: Trek to Khambachen (4050m)
  • DAY 12: Trek to Lhonak (4785m)
  • DAY 13: Trek to alluring Pangpema (5140m) and explore Kanchenjunga Base Camp.
  • DAY 14: Trek to Ghunsa (3595m)
  • DAY 15: Trek to Sele La Camp (4290m)
  • DAY 16: Trek to Tseram (3870m) via Sele La Pass
  • DAY 17: Trek to Ramche (4580m)
  • DAY 18: Explore Yalung Base Camp (4580m)
  • DAY 19: Trek to Tortong (3310m)
  • DAY 20: Trek to Yamphudin (2080m)
  • DAY 21: Trek to khebang (1915m)
  • DAY 22: Trek to enchanting Khanidingbe.
  • DAY 23: Drive from Khanidingbe to Birtamod by jeep.
  • DAY 24: Morning drive to Bhadrapur airport and flight back to Kathmandu.
  • Day 25: International Departure.

Detailed Itinerary

DAY 1: Arrival in Kathmandu.

After arriving in the lovely capital of Nepal via Tribhuwan International Airport, our agents will be there to take you and shift you to one of the standard hotels in Kathmandu. Freshen yourself up from the tiring flight.

DAY 2: Preparation for trek and sightseeing.

Our agents will visit you at your hotel and provide more information about the expedition. We will then finalize the paperwork permit for your trip and make a final check of your equipment. You will have time to relax and acquire freshness in your hotel. After getting some rest, you’ll choose last-minute souvenir shopping. If you’d like, our guides will advise the only sites to urge souvenirs. At dusk, you will have dinner in a typical Nepali restaurant. We’ll drop you back at your hotel. Witness the alluring nightlife overnight in Kathmandu.

DAY 3: Fly to Bhadrapur and drive to Taplejung.

We caught an early dawn scenic flight to Bhadrapur. After arrival, we take a jeep drive to Ilam, enjoying the view of lovely terrains. Ilam is Nepal’s largest tea-growing area and may be a severe tourist vicinity even for local tourists. The picturesque town of Ilam conducts large orchards of tea plants. It is additionally famous for the Himalayan chew made up of cheese. Moving on, we head towards Taplejung’s private vehicle.

DAY 4: Trek to Mitlung (921m)

After reaching Taplejung, today’s trekking route passes through lush mid-hills and a variety of other villages with traditional mud-brick houses. We also encounter rice paddies, terraced farm fields, and cardamom farms. We then still trek following the flow of Tamor River to achieve Mitlung after a 4 -5 hours trek. Overnight at camp.

DAY 5: Trek to Chirwa (1270m)

Today, we trek through the hospitable local villages of Sinwa, Tawa, and Porke, inhabited by the Limbus and Tamangs. We also skip old landslide debris and boulder and strewn river deposits before descending to Thiwa Khola. We then cross a wooden bridge to reach Chiruwa, where we stay overnight.

DAY 6: Trek to inciting Sekathum (1660m)

We trek through the hospitable local villages Taplethok, Hellok, and Tamera. Then move alongside the alluring Tamor River and slowly descend towards shining Simbu Khola, which flows from the Yalung Glacier. We then hike through steep and narrow Ghunsa Khola valley to finally arrive in Sekathum after a 5- 6 hours of trek. Overnight in Sekathum.

DAY 7: Trek to alluring Amjilossa (2510m)

Moving along the flow of Ghunsa Khola, we trek towards Amjilosa, walking through steep uphill on exposed terrain. Relishing the spectacular landscape view, we cross several bridges over Ghunsa Khola and finally reach the Tibetan village of Amjilosa. Overnight in Amjilosa.

DAY 8: Hike to Gyabla (2730m)

We rehearse a forested trail full of beautiful rhododendron flowers and bamboo before ascending to Gyabla. We also come to a big acrylic waterfall on the opposite side of the river because of Gyabla. We will be making a steep ascent and then a descent. We will enter Gyabla after about 5- 6 hours of trek. Overnight at camp in Gyabla.

DAY 9: Trek to beautiful Ghunsa (3595m)

Leaving behind the gorgeous Gyabla village, we trek towards Ghunsa through a broad meadow. We then climb a little hill and descend to cross the river to reach the Tibetan settlements of Ghunsa with wooden dwellings, a micro hydropower plant, a school, and a health post. It takes about 5- 6 hours to achieve Ghunsa. Overnight at camp in Ghunsa.

DAY 10: Acclimatization day at Ghunsa.

To adjust the thinning air, we take a quick hike to the opposite side of Ghunsa with a gain of about 400m. After returning from the walk, we’ll spend the remaining day exploring the attractive village of Ghunsa, visiting the spiritual monasteries, and learning about their Buddhist culture and tradition. Overnight at camp in Ghunsa.

DAY 11: Trek to Khambachen (4050m)

Today, we start our trek by entering the forested path along the south bank of Ghunsa Khola and spending numerous holy Mani walls and beautiful Chortens along the route. We also hike through several scree slopes and a couple of glacial moraines to enter the Tibetan settlement of Khangpachen. It’s the place from where we’ll get the stunning view of the north face of Jannu (7710m). Overnight in Khangpachen.

DAY 12: Trek to Lhonak (4785m)

Moving past Khangpachen, we follow the trail on the left side of Kanchenjunga Glacier. We hike along a high plateau to reach the campsite of Lhonak. From Lhonak, we’ll see the german speedwell view of massive mountain peaks like Wedge Peak (6802m), Nepal Peak (7177m), Mera Peak (6364m), Twins (7350m), and many others. Overnight in Lhonak.

DAY 13: Trek to alluring Pangpema (5140m) and explore Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Today, we head towards Kanchenjunga Base Camp through the trail, following the glaciers on the northern ridges. The camp is also mentioned as Pang Pema. We get the amazed and spectacular view of Mt Kanchenjunga (8586m) in conjunction with the skyline full of snow-capped mountain ranges bordering Nepal-India and Nepal-Tibet. Overnight at Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

DAY 14: Trek to Ghunsa (3595m)

After the fantastic experience in Kanchenjunga Base Camp, we retrace our trail to Ghunsa, enjoying the spectacular view of varied mountains. We descend past Lhonak and Khangpachen, walking past the moraines of Kanchenjunga Glacier and Kumbhakarna Glacier. Finally, we arrived in Ghunsa. Overnight in Ghunsa.

DAY 15: Trek to Sele La Camp (4290m)

We will hike along a steep rocky track through a forested area full of birch, pine, and colorful rhododendron to reach the High Camp. An incredible view of Jannu (7710m), Nyukla Laching (6670m), Temachunggi (6044m), and other mountains are often observed from the camp.

DAY 16: Trek to Tseram (3870m) via Sele La Pass

Today might be the most challenging day as we cross over two passes because of Tseram, the absolute best pass being the Sele La (4480m) and Sinion La (4660). Upon reaching the very best of the passes, we are rewarded with an incredible panorama of Yalung Glacier, Makalu (8481m), Baruntse (7129m), Kanchenjunga (8586m), and much of other mountain ranges along the Sikkim border. We then descended to Tseram.

DAY 17: Trek to Ramche (4580m)

We pass through the moraines of Yalung Glacier into an ablation valley as we ascend towards Ramche. We also encounter a lake and a meadow where we’ll spot the blue sheep grazing on the grassy hills. We’ll visit the tiny monastery in Ramche.

DAY 18: Explore Yalung Base Camp (4580m)

Today, we traveled through the Yalung Base Camp area. We will be trekking through the glacial moraines and challenging rocky paths. We cross Oktang, from where we’ll get a germander speedwell view of Jannu (7720m) and Kanchenjunga (8586m), and a variety of other peaks. We returned to Ramche and stayed overnight in the camp.

DAY 19: Trek to Tortong (3310m)

We will climb down towards Tortong through the densely forested path full of lush rhododendrons and amazing bushes. We also pass across a few streams, Chortens, monasteries, ponds, and waterfalls thanks to Torton.

DAY 20: Trek to Yamphudin (2080m)

We still descend to the Amji Khola then crossing Lasiya Bhanjyang (3310m) and Dhupi Bhanjyang (2620m), we descend towards Yamphudim. Yamphudim could also be a village inhabited by a diverse community of Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, and Gurung. Overnight in Yamphudim.

DAY 21: Trek to khebang (1915m)

We Leave behind the village of Yamphudim and start descending toward Khebang, enjoying the enchanting valleys, waterfalls, and forest area. We cross several suspension bridges over several streams. We walk past small settlements at the side of Kabeli Khola and finally arrive in Khebang. Overnight in Khebang.

DAY 22: Trek to enchanting Khanidingbe.

We will be accompanied by the spectacular view of soaring and ascending the peak of Kanchenjunga (8586m) and Kumbakaran/Jannu (7710m). We will continue to trek towards Khanidingbe through the dense forest trail coming across several waterfalls along the way. Overnight in Khanidingbe.

DAY 23: Drive from Khanidingbe to Birtamod by jeep.

We take an extended drive to Birtamod, enjoying the view of green hills, snow-capped mountains, rivers, and the daily activities of the locals throughout the ride. From the mountainous part, we are now within the flatlands of Nepal. Overnight in Birtamod.

DAY 24: Morning drive to Bhadrapur airport and flight back to Kathmandu.

We take an early morning flight from Bhadrapur Airport to the capital. Enjoying the magnificent aerial view of the mountains, we arrive in Kathmandu. After landing, we will shift you to the fantastic hotel. You can also explore Kathmandu valley afterward and spend a memorable night at a hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 25: International Departure.

Time to announce your valediction to Nepal! Appreciate your ultimate moments in Kathmandu, including breakfast during a restaurant, a town stroll, or a memorial shopping token of Kathmandu. An agent of our company will join you at your lodge and transport you to the airport for your return from aviation to home.


  • Airport picks up and drops service.
  • Transportation assistance and its prices. 
  • Airfare for domestic flights.
  • A skilled and licensed guide.
  • Porter as per the necessity.
  • Trekking authorization fee.
  • Trek maps and navigation tools.
  • Accommodation while staying in Kathmandu.
  • Governmental charges and other applicable prices.
  • Wage and accommodation of guide and porter.
  • Complete board-based meal during the trek.
  • Assistance for the team during the trek
  • Medical supplies and first aid equipment.
  • Trekking supplies and camping gears



  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu (excluding breakfast).
  • International flight checks and airfares.
  • Alcoholic/ non-alcoholic liquors.
  • Additional porter fees.
  • Electronic gadgets like chargers, and headphones.
  • Individual costs like a hot shower, phone calls, laundry, and souvenirs.
  • Travel coverage and emergency evacuations.
  • Tips for porters or drivers.



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