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Hiring a guide and a porter makes your journey very easy and comfortable. Are you a beginner? But loves going trekking and decided to start. We are here to provide you with detailed information virtually. Let’s get started!

Hiring a guide and a porter is the best thing you can do before you begin trekking. The difficult landscapes of Nepal make it impossible to trek just by yourself. So, hire a guide and trek to make your journey smooth, saving troubles.

Everest base camp trek is one of Nepal’s majestic treks, allowing you to experience the Himalayan life with beautiful destinations. To make this trek successful, you need to consider many things.

You must make pre-preparation by physical training and mental affirmation. You must be well prepared because the journey ahead is like a roller coaster.

What do we need to focus on during preparation for the EBC trek?

Trekking in Nepal is very worthwhile but also very difficult. Everest base camp with such a high altitude requires blood, sweat, and tears. Enjoy nature’s beauty with amazing locals; their hospitality along the trail will be the most memorable.

As mentioned above, this journey is very difficult due to the complicated trails and landscapes. If you want to enjoy your trek, a guide and porter must be a must. As a beginner, it’s really difficult for you to surpass this region. That’s why hiring a guide and porter for this trek is better.

Mentioning the details about the guide and the porter regarding this topic, a guide is a certified professional with previous trekking experience and a license.

They will help you with the permits, tickets, and hotels and ensure your health condition during the trek. As altitude sickness is most probable in the high altitude region, having a guide makes you feel safe.

However, a porter is the person who helps you with your luggage carriage, letting you enjoy your trek without additional difficulty. They are also very well known to the locals and their languages. You can enjoy the true daily life of the Himalayas if you hire a porter.

Hiring a good trekking guide is a must. You are investing in someone who will accompany you throughout your 13-day journey. How your journey will end is mainly based on the guide you hire. That’s why you must look out for these factors before hiring them.


Never hesitate to ask for their experience. It would be best if you went with someone who is well-experienced and can handle any situation that follows during your trek.

Experience is very needed regarding the difficulties along the way to base camp. A well-experienced guide is very helpful in your journey. So, be well prepared to enjoy your journey with them.

Guide license

Frauding is common nowadays. So you must look for their license. A certified license holder is the best option for the guide. License is legally provided only for trained and experienced guides.

The licensed guide makes your journey easier and teaches you a lot about this region. Don’t worry about your trek if you have a licensed guide beside you for your whole journey.

First-aid training

You can ask if they are well-trained for emergencies or not. A first-aid trained guide helps you in any situation, ensuring your good health. Be guaranteed a safe trip without worrying about your health issues.


It’s a difficult journey with many outcomes, including life and death. So, if you don’t want any complications afterward, hire a guide with health insurance. Insurance helps with the bothersome aftermath.


Check personal reviews of the guide online to make sure about their company. However, the decisions would be yours; it is better to refer to those reviews in case of any mistake. The reviewed guide is more handy and saves trouble for you. Choose a guide with good reviews, as your life is at stake.

You can refer to these factors before booking a guide for your trek. Now, the question arises about where we can get these guides. What are the trustful resources for guide booking? You can check out the following websites: Honey Guide, sherpana, and sherpa hire. For details, you can contact them personally.

Cost Required

Let’s briefly talk about the expenses of hiring a guide and porter.
A porter requires about 15$ to 35$ per day. They can carry 20 kilograms of carriage. At the same time, a guide requires about $35 to $ 50 per day, according to their experience.

The trek starts from Lukla. So, you can hire guides directly in Lukla to reduce your expenses. It saves your expenses up to 70$ while hiring from kathmandu. You can hire a local guide through a trusted company or online booking platform. The hotel itself will also help you in this matter.


To conclude, you can hire the best guide for your Everest base camp trek by referring to their experiences, license, training, and more. The most accessible way is to hire directly after reaching Lukla. Your journey is entrusted to be great without difficulties with a guide and a porter.

Thus, you will enjoy our beautiful country with the utmost satisfaction. Beautiful sceneries, majestic landscapes, up-down trails, unbelievable mountains, serene historical places, and the Gurung community’s unique local culture will blow your mind with its nature.

Autumn is the best season for trekking. Enjoy your trek to the fullest and revive your life with this memory.

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